Water4Gas Manual Review – How To Build A Hydrogen Generator Car

Years ago, scientists discovered that water and hydrogen fuel is one of the most readily available, powerful and renewable sources of power. Most people today are very skeptical of cars being able to run on water, which is primarily due to the fact the successfulventions have never been released to the public due to political pressure.

1. What Are The Benefits Of A Hydrogen Generator Car?

Thousands of drivers around the world are using hydrogen to power their cars today, and that is no surprise, considering the great number of benefits it has. Using hydrogen for power can easily decrease pollution levels and improve your gas mileage (from 50% up to 100%).

In fact, just a few years ago, there was an example of a man running his car on hydrogen fuel broad casted on TV. Fox News showed a video of an inventor who managed to run his car on water after modifying his engine.

2. If A Hydrogen Generator Car Is So Good, Why Is It Not Released To The Public?

Most people believe that the government and world powers are preventing it from being released, and they have good reason to think so. If everyone starts to run their cars on hydrogen, oil and gas demand will drop all of a sudden, seriously impacting countries which only national income depend on the oil industry.

3. How Exactly Does A Car Run On Water?

To do this, you need to convert your engine to run on water fuel. You will need to add some cables, tubes and some other items, and you can start powering your car on water too. This entire system is easy to remove too. Your car engine will now be able to transform water into Brown Gas, which is a source of fuel for your car.

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