Shift Into 4th Gear to Get More Leads To Increase Car Sales

The old way to get car sales leads was to wait for either store traffic or lot traffic. Sometimes, leads were secured on the golf course or at some Chamber of Commerce event. However, the 21st century, especially the Internet, has changed how to get car sales leads. Now these salespeople must act like the rest of the sales professionals.

The most common professional sales gap for car salesmen or car saleswomen is the inability to get sales leads. This industry has for decades relied on foot traffic. This belief is still very much alive in spite of all the information to the contrary.

New car salesmen or new car saleswomen still believe that qualified prospects will walk through the door. This belief has them engaged in marketing activities that truly do not generate new sales leads. And then they blame the dealership for lack of business.

I have surveyed many of my business acquaintances from East Coast to West Coast who belong to formal business networking groups and learned that very few of these groups have members from new car dealerships or used car dealerships. Given that each of these members within these groups are potential customers if not great generators of leads, this lack of membership by those within the car selling industry confirms that most new car salesmen or new car saleswomen do not know how to prospect.

When professional sales people take control of their leads, they can take greater responsibility for their sales success. For they can overcome some of the obstacles that are preventing them from selling cars especially credit issues or financing. No longer can the blame the car dealership for poor traffic and dismal monthly sales.

What I know after working with numerous individuals who make their living by selling cars is that most do not know how to prospect. One of the best ways to prospect is to join a networking group. These groups range from the national formal such as Business Networking International (BNI) to local informal groups such as Northwest Indiana Networking Group.

And the real question to be asked is: Why would anyone waste time with a suspect when finding prospects is so much easier? If you are selling cars, then shift into 4th gear and find your own leads through proven prospecting strategies. You will be truly surprised by the results of your efforts.

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