Securing Your Car – Cops Play Robbers

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The message that has been sent out on regular occurrence from police forces through the UK regarding keeping your vehicle secure at all times is clearly not being heard by everyone. Some people still leave their cars unlocked which gives opportunist thieves the chance to get away with innocent people's belongings or even hot wire the car. Thieves only need a split second and even leaving your car unlocked to post a letter is too long.

The police force in Surrey has set up a new initiative to prevent the issue of people not including their vehicle is secure at all times. Whilst on duty they are trying peoples car doors to see if they are locked, if the doors are not locked they are opening the doors and taking drivers belongings back to the police station. When the police take these valuables they leave a "crime prevention" note on the seat of the car and the driver can go and collect their belongings from the station and receive a stern word or two no doubt.

This is an initiative has been met with mixed response and those who are for the initiative say that that is better for the police to take your blessings and get them back rather than a thief taking them and never seeing them again. it is believed that people will learn their lesson in a less harsh way than going through the trauma and stress of having their car broken in to.

However, those against the initiative say that police have no right to take their allegiances and that the initiative, while having the right objectives, is not being carried out in the right way. Satellite navigation systems and CD players are the most common items that are stolen from cars and some people do not take the necessary measures to deter thieves from their car.

If you use a Sat Nav then make sure you wipe away any marks left on the windscreen as this is something that looks look for. Any valuables including laptops, mobile phones and other electronic devices should be placed out of sight so that thieves are not tempted to break into your car. Whatever your thoughts are on this initiative, the objectives behind them are in the right place but how they are being carried out is up for discussion.

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