Outercourse – A Guide to Non Penetrative *** (NPS)

The first thing that has to be established when talking about outercourse is what it actually is. When I deal with outercourse, I refer to it as an alternative to intercourse that does not involve vaginal penetration. It is also known as Non-Penetrative *** (NPS). This definition is not perfect as some people consider oral *** to not be outercourse, however it is the definition of outercourse I will use here.

Recently there has been a move towards outercourse being used as an alternative to intercourse for young people. While it is better that young people practice NPS than risk pregnancy by having *** unprepared, the practice usually leads to intercourse so it does not act as anything more than a temporary solution.

While many people consider outercourse to be a kind of foreplay, this is a limiting definition. In fact outercourse can be as satisfying as intercourse. Some people even view it as the highlight of the *** act. Therefore do not limit yourself by just thinking of it as foreplay, consider it as another tool for both of your sexual satisfaction!

Performing Outercourse: Guide to the Outercourse ******

Outercourse comes in many different kinds, however there are a few major kinds:

* Dry hump grind: This is simulated *** using a layer of clothing to prevent penetration. Usually it is done in the underwear as it is easy to damage yourself on zippers (Believe me!) if done incorrectly. Mixing grinding and thrusting is the easiest way to make this great for your woman.

* The hand: There are countless ways to use your hand to stimulate your partner. In fact some techniques such as female squirting ******, as easier to do using your hands. The ******** and G-spot are usually the easiest places to aim for, but the AFE and Deep Spot are also areas you should consider targeting.

* Breast play: There are a number of ways that a man can have an outercourse ****** (Or give one) using a woman’s *******. Usually the nipples are the most sensitive part of the breast, so by focusing on them with teases, licking, squeezing and light twisting it is possible for her to have an outercourse ****** from this. Many guys also push the ******* together, using lotion to use them as a ‘******.’

* The legs: There are almost intimate erotic potential in the legs. For the woman, you can rub her ******** with your thigh to give her a different kind of thrill. She can also stimulate you by clamping your ***** between her thighs (Interfemoral intercourse). The guy wants to be careful to use lots of lotion and not to ********* onto the ****** as this is easy to do from this position. Other parts that can be used for an outercourse ****** include her feet by putting them together. This leaves a gap that can be used and the Japanese traditional authors have written odes to the pleasures of this kind of ***. Her calves can also be used although this is tricky.

* The buttocks: *** using the buttocks has the title of intergluteal ***. This is not **** *** as no penetration of the **** occurs. Instead the man clenches his ***** between her buttocks for a different kind of thrill.

* The *****: This can be a great foreplay or a way to give genital-to-genital contact without penetration. Here the man angles his ***** so that it runs the length of the *****. The woman can then rub up and down for a different kind of thrill.

* Oral ***. Some people consider this to be outercourse. This involves using your tongue or lips on the ******** and *****.

Outercourse Tips

Outercourse like many kinds of *** needs variety to be a big part of your *** life. Therefore you will want to make sure that you keep varying it to keep things exciting. Consider it an extra technique and even if you enjoy intercourse, mixing it with outercourse offers infinite possibilities for great *** where every part of your bodies becomes filled with erotic potential.

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