Insuring a Teen Or Student Driver?

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Parents of student drivers have a hard time finding affordable car insurance for their teen or college student. A lot of these baby boomer aged parents are shocked when their old, reliable car insurance company wants to double or triple the affordable rates they had earned with their long driving histories. A good driving history over a long period of time, will make insurers consider a person as a fairly low risk. The problem with teens and young adults is that they have no chance to build their own long and safe driving history. So insurance companies look at the group as a whole. What they carefully accumulated statistics tell them is that younger drivers make lots of claims! And young male drivers get hit even harder then young females.

However, some insurers are willing to consider other factors to shave off a reasonable amount from the rates. If your student keeps up a B average, or better, they can qualify for a good student discount. This can shave 25% off of the premium with some companies. An approved driver's education or driver's safety course may be good for another 15%.

Also, other discounts are available to young drivers, just as they would be for any other driver. Insurers have experience with certain cars, or certain types of cars, that suggest those vehicles are involved in more or less claims then others. A nice sedate sedan is not as likely to be involved in a large car insurance claim as a sporty, high horsepower sports car. One of the safer cars will be cheaper to insure, and also provide a safer vehicle for your own kid to drive around in!

If purchasing another car is not in your current plans, you can install safety features and anti-theft devices. They will also make your current transportation more secure, and also earn discounts of 10 – 30% with insurers.

Also, warn your child that the car is not a toy, and that in addition to providing transportation, it can also be a deadly thing. Of course, nobody wants to have an accident. But a few seconds of inattention can cause them. Inexperienced drivers need to be extra attentive because they do not have as much experience navigating the roads, not just by themselves, but with the mistakes other drivers may make. The lack of a driving history can make a teen or young adult hard to insure, but a bad driving history will be much worse.

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