I'm Laid Off, It's Snowing and I Do not Know How I Will Pay My Rent

Sometimes life throws you a curve, and it's times like that when you have to dig deep inside and get tough. You know you can not give up and there is no easy way out. Not long ago a friend from a very cold state told me he had lost his job, worse he was getting depressed because the weather was cold and snowy. Further, he had no idea how on earth he was going to pay his rent on time.

Wow, that is surely bit of adversity there? But what can he do, is there a way out? I thought to myself what would I have done at his age if that happened to me? Well, I'd go to the nicer area, tell them that I'd like to shovel snow for them, then ask to rent their shovel for $ 2.50 per day.

Then knock on every door to shovel their driveway and walk ways for $ 15 to $ 20 whenever it snows. I'd call it Lance's Snow Removal Business. I suppose if he were to do this then he should be able to make rent and – it's a "Cool" small business to run!

You see, one can not wait for things to turn out right. One must take the initiative. This adversity has forced him to take action, and yes, others are in his situation too, and that is not so good for America. But, one can not accept defeat or give up. If you feel depressed, you should;

1.) Work out,
2.) Wear a hat, keep your head warm, 1-degree difference in temperature will make you much happier,
3.) Focus on winning, set a strategic goal to make $ 30 per day
4.) Read "Famous Motivational Quotes" online, search that term, memorize the one's you like.

This is my advice, for what it's worth. It's time to dismiss excuses, consider them challenges testing your character. Beat the odds and win! I am pretty sure you can do it, I am pretty sure he could do it, and I know if I was in that situation, I'd be able to do it too. When the going gets tough, it's time.

I can tell you this, I've met some of the most successful people in this nation before; billionaires, leaders, sports folks, they ALL have stories like his. It's best to have such adversity early in life when you can recover, than later when you have so many more obligations. If you are in a situation like my friend please realize this:

Things will get better, you will survive, but you will survive a lot better if you take this opportunity now, make this a pivotal point in your life, and get through this. You will carry this with you, and it will make it possible for you in the future to accomplish and even achieve more, now making every barrier in your life over-able.

It may sound crazy, but all these circumstances are actually a good thing. Someday, you'll look back on all this and smile, and you'll remember and agree! Think on this.

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