Illegal Items On Cars

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How many times have you driven around at night and seen someone with tail lights that were a different color? How about those people who have headlights that are purple or blue? Both of these things are illegal and punishable by law. Nuisances like this are also annoying and dangerous. If you're driving around late at night, things like that can distract you into thinking that your seeing things that are not there. There is a reason that items like these are illegal, however. Simply put, they distract other drivers. It is also illegal for people to purchase blue or red lights to put inside their cars. The thought behind this is that other drivers will think that you are impersonating the police. Some might even think that you are the police. It is actually an illegal and arrestable offense to impersonate a police officer.

All cars are provided to be equipped with white lights that shine on their license plates. However, some people take out these factory-issued white lights and replace them with colored lights. In most states, it is illegal to do this. Again, it is distracting to other drivers. There are also those drivers that somehow manage to hook up lighting systems to their vehicles so that it looks that there are colored lights shining from underneath the car onto the ground underneath. It gives a car the appearance that it is riding on top of whatever colored light is shining. This is illegal as well.

Window tinting is something that usually costs extra on a lot of vehicles. Seldom does it ever come standard. If you live in a state such as Florida, Texas or Arizona, the sun can be brutal. In an effort to block it out the best you can, many people go to great lengths to have the dark tinting they can get their hands on put onto their vehicle. However, some states have restrictions on what vehicles can have certain degrees of tinting. For instance, limousines and some privately owned vehicles are the exception, not having any restrictions on how dark the tinting can be. On most cars, though, the tinting can not go beyond a certain level. As a general rule, if you are driving behind someone who has tinted windows and you can not even see a shadow of the person (s) inside the vehicle, then their window tint is too dark.

Another popular law that people sometimes break is the law relating to mufflers. The whole point of having a muffler is to do just that, to "muffle" the sound of the engine. However, some people will purposely take the muffler off or alter it so that the vehicle is extremely loud when it is driven. This is, yet, another distraction and an unnecessary form of noise pollution that should not have to be tolerated. Motor vehicle laws are put in place for a reason: to protect and look out for the best interests of all drivers. Those people who choose to break the rules typically do not have any consideration for other people.

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