Hydrogen Generator for My Car

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Do you want to learn how you can make a hydrogen generator for your car? With this H2 system, your car will be able to utilize water like a hybrid vehicle, breaking water down into Brown Gas and burning it for energy. This new innovation has helped many drivers like me increase car power and gas mileage by up to 75%. So how does this technology work, and how can you start using it?

1. How Does Hydrogen Fuel Technology Work?

This system, also known as H2 on demand, allows your car to extract a flammable gas called Brown Gas from water, and burn it to make energy. This electrical process will take place under your car's hood, where water stored in a sealed container is converted to HHO. This HHO gas is taken into the airflow in the intake manifold with the engine's vacuum. This gas can then be used together with gasoline to run your car, so you can save gas with this technology.

2. How Can You Start Running Your Car On Hydrogen?

One way would be to buy a HHO generator car kit online, and it may cost up to hundreds to thousands of dollars per kit. Another way that I have personally tried and recommend is to build this system from your own home.

3. How To Build Your Own DIY Hydrogen Car System?

This system is really easy to build, and when done from home, should not cost more than $ 150 to set up. The parts required to construct can be easily found at home or in hardware stores, and they include electric wirings, a sealed quantum container container, automatic fuse, baking soda, vacuum hose and a couple of other small parts. Occasionally, this system will not modify your car in any way, and just as easily as it is to put it in, it can also be easily removed within a few minutes.

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