Hubcaps Need Replacing, Too

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Did you know that your car's hubcaps also needed to be replaced?

They may seem to be just decorative disks but they also do get worn out. Scratches could also be inevitable after your car trudges through various kind of roads and gets splattered with many types of elements.

You may find your hubcap looking very dirty and not like the decorative accessory you bought. So you may now decide to buy a new set of hubcaps from stores that also offer spare parts for Mazda MX6 that would show off the beauty of your car. But your dilemma now would be how to take out the old ones and put in the new set. It is not important for you to go rushing to a mechanic or automobile expert just to have this task done.

The first thing you need to do would be to check the wheels of your car. Find out how the current hubcaps of your car are attached to the center of the wheel. You see, there are some hubcaps that can come off by just a simple push on it. However, there are also some which need you to loosen up some screws that attach it to the wheel.

When you have discovered just how your hubcap is attached to the wheels of your car, your next step would be to actually remove the hubcap. But make sure that when you remove the hubcap off each wheel, you do not damage the wheel. When you have successfully removed the hubcap off one wheel without damaging the wheel of your car, do the same to all the remaining hubcaps that are still attached.

With the old hubcaps off, you can now put in place the new hubcaps that you have bought. You can use a rubber mallet to strike the edge of the hubcaps to make sure that they are placed just right. If you need to screw anything to keep the hubcaps in place, do that. Now, you have a car that sports a new set of hubcaps.

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