How to Replace Your Standard Car Headlight Bulbs With Brighter Xenon Bulbs

If your car has the same standard halogen headlight bulbs that were fitted to it when it left the manufacturers factory, you are probably aware of how poor and ineffective the light output from them can be, especially when compared to modern xenon lights. What you might not be aware though, is that they can be easily upgraded to much brighter headlight bulbs by installing xenon bulbs.

When you’re driving on very dark or poorly lit roads, the weak and yellowish light from standard halogen headlight bulbs can make driving quite stressful, as you strain your eyes to pick out clearly which direction the road is going or to spot potential hazards. Overly long periods of driving in this manner can not only be very demanding but also be very tiring on the eyes.

This situation can be avoided and the beam of light produced by your car lights vastly improved by replacing your standard halogen car bulbs with the brighter and more intense upgrade xenon bulbs. Unlike fitting an HID xenon kit, which requires you to make modifications to your vehicle, replacement xenon bulbs will fit into your existing headlight bulb holders, are completely street legal and are simple to fit.

The very latest upgrade xenon bulbs are designed to give up to 90% more light than the standard halogen headlight bulbs. They also project a beam of light over 35 meters further, and unlike the yellowish light emitted by standard halogen bulbs, these upgrade bulbs emit a crisp, clean and white light. In fact the light produced by these xenon bulbs can make your sidelight bulbs appear a dull yellow colour by comparison, and so it can be a good idea to also invest in some matching LED or xenon sidelight bulbs.

The improvements that xenon bulbs create in the headlight beam enables the driver to see the road more clearly at night, and in particular the white light allows road markings and signs to be illuminated more clearly. Once you have upgraded your dipped beam headlights, you can also upgrade the main beam and fog lights as well, and because these upgrades are completely road legal they won’t affect your insurance or MOT.

Replacing your old standard halogen bulbs with the latest xenon bulbs will turn every night time drive into a more relaxing and pleasurable experience, especially if you are a keen and enthusiastic driver.

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