High End Car Alarms

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High end car alarms protect your car and its contents against robbery. These have motion detectors and pressure sensors. When activated, they begin a siren that is able to create a variety of sounds. These are extremely user-friendly offering the most advanced technology. They use ultra high frequency technology that allows you to control the system from a range of 1,200 feet. A disabler or immobilizer, an audible alarm system, and a tracking system are the three elements that make up high end car alarms.

High end car alarms work automatically when you leave the vehicle. Some features of these alarms are dual staged shock sensor, programmable ignition lock, starter disable protection, and parking light output. If someone moves or hits your car, the dual staged impact sensor reports the intensity of the motion. Depending on the intensity of motion, the volume of the alarm increases. Other general advantages are vibration alarm, door unlocked warning, and a trigger alarm that activates sound and flash, and breaks the electric circuit.

Many high end car alarms come with microphone sensors that can identify the breaking of windows and other sounds. High luminescence LED status indicator, multicar protection, multikey recognition, and instant code learning are other features. Hybrid car alarms are high end types working better than conventional car alarms in many ways. These are well hidden so that the car thieves can not find and damage them. Vehicle tracking system in the high end car alarms helps to return the car safely to its owners.

High end car alarms provide the most effective auto theft protection possible. These are usually more expensive. There are a number of companies providing a wide range of high end car alarms at competitive prices. Easy installation, convenient shape, size, and usage, available technical support, and limited lifetime warranty or guarantee registrations are the hallmarks of most high end car alarms.

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