HHO Gas Conversion DIY Kit – Run a Car on Water

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Gas prices are out of control! I finally took control of my gas bills by building a hydrogen generator that allows me to run my car as a water burning hybrid and have cut my fuel bills in half.

A hydrogen generator uses ordinary tap water and creates HHO, or Brown's gas. It accomplishes this by taking the water molecule, and with an electrical current, breaks it down to its elements of hydrogen and oxygen. This produces a cleaner burning fuel that greatly increases your gas mileage and fuel efficiency.

I built my hydrogen generator with materials that I found at a local hardware store and in the span of one weekend, with the help of my daughter, it was complete. I did this all for less than $ 65.00.

I installed it in my car without having to make any alterations to the engine or computer. If I ever want to sell the car, I can easily remove it in as little as ten minutes and the new owner will never know that it was there.

Now that it's installed, I'm enjoying a 30% increase in gas mileage. I know there are people all over the globe who are using hydrogen generators that can increase fuel efficiency up to 100%.

It's true that inexpensive, easy to use, and clean burning fuel choices do not always equal to huge corporate profit and tax revenue, but the technology is there for us to use. And why should not we? It's proven safe and effective, and it keeps more money in our pockets.

I'm now enjoying the benefits of my gas conversion hydrogen generator that allows my car to run on water and save me money.

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