Emergency Tire Chains

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Tire chains are considered to be the safest and suret bet for hassle free travel on snow covered roads in winter. These additional straps prevent the vehicle from getting stuck in the snow. Various kinds of tire chains are available in the market such as those for passenger cars, light vehicles, heavy vehicles and two wheelers.

An emergency tire chain is an ideal traction aide when stuck in deep snow or when about to get stuck. It is extremely easy to install and remove and could be used by all types of vehicles. They are used for emergency short-term use only and would prove unsafe when used for longer distances. Use of emergency tire chains is approved by law in almost all states of America except when stated otherwise.

Most emergency tire chains can only be used with slotted wheels. Some experts recommend the use of at least one pair per drive tire mounted opposite to each other for greater efficiency. Emergency tire chains are useful to haul out a vehicle if stuck in a parking lot, driveway, or side street. Otherwise it is generally recommended to remove the emergency tire chains before continuous driving.

Emergency tire chains are small and compact and loop around the tire and in the hole on the wheel with a strap. They can be kept in the glove box of the car and are a useful tool when stuck somewhere unreachable. They are specifically used for shorter distances under a speed of 5mph. These emergency tire chains need to be installed very carefully to avoid slipping. It is also recommended to check clearance level of disc brakes before installation of straps on tire chains.

Emergency tire chains can be purchased at local car dealers and stores and also on specific Internet shopping sites. Customers are advised to check thoroughly before making a purchase.

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