Buying a Used Car? Six Simple Used Car Buying Tips

When you are in the market for a used car, it is often hard to know exactly what to look for. Most people spend plenty of time in their cars, but very few us know very much about them, other than how to put gas into them. Here are seven tips you need to know when you go to buy a used car:

1. Look underneath the car and see if there is rust. If there is a reasonable amount, talk it over with the salesperson. Rust should get you a price break.

2. Look at the ends of the car. Is the car straight? Are there cracks or bends? If so, talk it over. But these things should be cause for concern.

3. While you are at the end of the car, look at the bumpers and make sure they are well attached and in good shape.

4. Is the muffler attached to the car? What kind of shape is it in?

5. This one is a little weird, but worthwhile: while the car is off (and cool, meaning that the engine has not run for awhile), feel around inside the tailpipe. If you find that it is greasy there is probably an engine compression problem. Have this looked into or find another car.

6. If you are looking at an SUV or other car where the back window comes down or pops out, make sure that it does what it is intended to do.

There you have it. Six simple used car buying tips that anyone can benefit from. You will still need to do your homework on the price you pay for your used car. But these tips will help you on your way to finding a good, dependable used car.

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