Build Water Fuel Engine – How To Run Your Car With Water?

Do you want to learn how you can finally have your own water fuel engine? Many people around the world, including myself, are using water as a source of fuel today. This not only allows us to avoid rising gasoline costs, it also results in lower harmful greenhouse emissions.

If you are not sure of how water can be converted into energy, you will want to read this article entirely. For less than $200, it is possible to install a system that allows your car to run on water. This increases your gas mileage naturally.

1. The Secret of Brown Gas Technology

One molecule of water contains 2 hydrogen and 1 oxygen atom combined together. By burning hydrogen, energy can be obtained to power a car. This technology had already been discovered years ago, but has never been widely publicized due to political reasons.

2. How Can Energy Be Extracted From Water?

Firstly, your car needs to be able to separate the hydrogen and oxygen elements in a process called electrolysis. This requires you to build a simple system into your car or truck so that this process can occur. To find out more about how to install this system, you can visit the website link at the end of this article to learn more.

Once the hydrogen is obtained, it can be burned efficiently to produce a lot of energy to power an automobile.

3. Conclusion

When you use gasoline to power your car, 80% of the power is actually wasted in the form of heat and pollution. Only 20% is used to power the car engine.

By running your auto on water, the lifespan of your vehicle, along with the rings, bearings, valves and pistons, will extend beyond what they would have been if you were only using gasoline (as much as twice the lifespan). Due to less wear and tear with using water, your engine will also run more smoothly as a result. Give it a try to enjoy all the benefits yourself.

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