10 Reasons to Rent Before You Buy in France

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Rent before you buy 1.

If you want somewhere out "in the sticks" away from everyone, just think what it will be like with a foot of snow and your car will not start.

Rent before you buy 2.

How far is it to the nearest shops? Unless you make your own bread, you'll need to shop every day. Power cuts are not un-heard of so what about electric oven or bread machine you bake your bread in?

Rent before you buy 3.

If you want Internet access, is there ADSL available? Although this is becoming more widespread, it is by no means everywhere. Just try and remember what dial-up is like!

Rent before you buy 4.

You can check out the area in all weather conditions. What looks beautiful in the summer can be a nightmare in the winter.

Rent before you buy 5.

Although it's rare, I have heard of some French neighbors being awkward and unhelpful. If you're renting, you will not be there long.

Rent before you buy 6.

How far from "civilization" are you? Although it seems wonderful having a lot of space to yourself, it's often nice to pop into the local Tabac for an aperitif and catch up on the local news.

Rent before you buy 7.

Think of the rest of the family. If your spouse or children decide they do not like living in France after all or have problems at school, it is a lot easier to cancel a rental agreement than sell a property. It happens.

Rent before you buy 8.

French Long term lets are usually very reasonable compared to paying a mortgage.

Rent before you buy 9.

If you thought having somewhere with lots of land and your own forest would be fun, it will help you realize that you will have to maintain it all and hectares of pine trees are useless. You can not even burn them …. Did you know pine is terrible for log fires?

Rent before you buy 10.

It will also help you decide what type of heating you prefer. With the price of oil and electricity rising continuously, you will realize that a wood-burner is almost compulsory.

If you find you have made a mistake with your property purchase, it is an expensive business re-selling and buying again.

OK so that was 11, you get the last one for free: O)

Rent Before You Buy … It can only make sense!

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